The Econoloc Gas Spring eliminates the need for separate safety rods in critical lift-assist applications.

Simple to use, they operate automatically. When the gas spring is fully extended, a spring-loaded locking shroud moves into place, preventing the gas spring from compressing.

The Econoloc is manually released by applying the thumb pressure to the designated area of the locking shroud, allowing the gas spring to compress in a controlled manner. The locking shroud is finished with the same epoxy coating as the gas spring body, providing excellent corrosion resistance. A guide inside the shroud prevents scratching of the gas spring cylinder.

The Econoloc range of gas springs are stocked as Vari-Lift versions and combines superior quality with the added safety feature required in many heavy duty applications such as trucks, construction machinery, switch gear and agricultural equipment. A single Econoloc gas spring can be used in conjunction with a standard Swift & Sure version and the matching Swift & Sure version for each Econoloc is shown in column Z below.


  • - Eliminates the need for separate safety rods in critical lift-assisted operations
  • - Adjustable to any force within the range
  • - Safe and easy to use
  • - Self-contained unit
  • - Maintenance free
  • - Operates automatically

Please note: The Econoloc Gas Spring is supplied with a nut, which holds the locking shroud in place. This should be removed and replaced with an appropriate End Connector when fitted.

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